1. How did the Bangkok Dental Club come to be?

Over 1 Million dental travelers visit Thailand every year. Most patients book directly with the clinics, and there’s no loyalty or rewards program to give them truly great deals. The Bangkok Dental Club was built to make all members feel special and valued. You can thank us later!

2. How does the instant 10% VIP CASH-BACK work?

All members receive a 10% instant CASH-BACK which is applicable to all major dental treatments at the best clinics in Bangkok. The CASH-BACK is processed immediately at the time of payment.

3. What bonus rewards and inclusions can I receive?

Bonus Rewards vary depending on which dental clinic you choose. This can include FREE Check-Up, FREE Digital X-Rays, FREE Custom Take-Home Whitening and more. Check our Dental Clinics page to see which Member Benefits are available at different clinics.

4. Is the VIP CASH-BACK applicable to the clinic’s very lowest prices?

Yes.  If you see prices published on the dental clinic website or in-clinic, you can still receive your 10% VIP CASH-BACK. If the clinic is running a promotion with any kind of special discount, you can apply your 10% VIP CASH-BACK to this too! This isn’t like other programs where you only receive savings on normal full ticket prices.

5. Which dental procedures ARE included?

Your 10% VIP CASH-BACK is applicable to all major dental treatments and procedures including In-chair and take home whitening, extraction, root canal, veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, all-on-4, all-on-6, and orthodontics such as Invisalign and braces.

6. Which dental procedures ARE NOT included?

Your 10% VIP CASH-BACK is not applicable to diagnostics and servicing fees including x-rays, CT, Scans, medication, consultation fees, sterilization fees, nursing fees, clinic service fees and any third-party hospital charges (If required).

7. How do I join the club?

Click here to sign up today! You will then instantly receive your Member’s Pack and Digital Membership Card directly to your email.

8. Which dental clinic should I choose?

Some clinics are larger with 30+ dentists and some are smaller with 10+ dentists. Some fill entire small buildings and some are in shopping centres. All clinics are regularly visited by patients from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and more. Choose the clinic with the best reviews or the clinic that’s closest to your hotel. Look them up online and take your pick!

9. Do I have to book directly with the clinic?

Yes. That’s the benefit of how our club works. All featured clinics have high levels of customer service for international patients. By booking directly with the clinic you’re saving time and money. Our 10% VIP CASH-BACK and Bonus Inclusions are not applicable if you use a booking agency or online portal.

10. Can I receive the 10% VIP CASH-BACK and Bonus Rewards if I'm already a patient at the dental clinic?

No. If you are already a patient at one of our listed clinics (which means having had your first dental consultation) then your 10% discount and applicable Bonus Rewards will not be valid at that clinic. This protects our partner clinics and dental groups, who’s brand and reputation already make them the choice for hundreds of new patients every week.

11. Is Bangkok International Dental Centre (BIDC) an included clinic?

No. Two of our featured Dental Signature Clinics in Bangkok are from the same dental group as BIDC and share the same main website, however BIDC is NOT one of our included clinics.

12. How can I check procedure costs?

The very latest treatment and procedure prices can be viewed on the website of your chosen clinic. This may also include promotional prices, which you can still receive your 10% VIP CASH-BACK towards. If website prices are unavailable, please contact the dental clinic directly to enquire.

13. How do I book my first consultation?

Once you’ve chosen your clinic, you should contact them directly to schedule your first check-up and treatment plan. You’re now dealing directly with the clinic, so you can avoid online booking portals or third party agencies.

14. Which dental procedure(s) do I need?

You might not know which procedure(s) you require, or your dentist at home may have recommended a treatment plan. Either way, during your check-up you will be assessed by the various dental specialists at your chosen clinic and recommended the best treatment plan for your case. You should discuss any queries or concerns with your dentist and the friendly clinic staff.

15. How do I redeem my 10% VIP CASH-BACK and Member Benefits?

Please inform your chosen clinic you’re a Bangkok Dental Club member when you book your first check-up. Upon arrival you’ll be asked to provide a digital smartphone image of print-out copy of your Membership Card, showing your unique 8-Digit membership number. You can then start enjoying your savings and Member Benefits applicable to that clinic.

16. How do I show my Digital Membership Card?

There are two ways you can use your Digital Membership Card.

The first way (recommended) is to save your card image to your smartphone and show this image on your phone screen at the dental clinic.

The second way is to print out your card image and take this print-out with you instead.

The benefit of a Digital Membership Card is that you receive it instantly. This means you can join the club after you’ve already arrived in Bangkok!

17. Do I receive my CASH-BACK at the time of payment?

Yes, your Members 10% VIP CASH-BACK is applied to all applicable dental procedures at the time of payment.

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